15 May 2020

10 tips to help hurricane victims

Victim Assistance
10 tips to help hurricane victims

The weather nowadays has changed a lot if compared to how it was a decade or 2 decades ago. Natural disasters have caused serious property loss and casualties. Hurricane is among the most devastating natural disasters. To restore and keep peace during the aftermaths of such incidents, it is essential to contribute to the efforts to relieve the sufferings of the victims.

The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) for example has recently donated to support the victims of the Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. It has also donated $40,000 for the Indonesian Disaster Relief.

What can be done to support hurricane victims?

1. Donate clothes, shoes and other useful accessories

Hurricane victims are in need of help to help them survive. Some are deprived of their homes and cannot have any change of clothes anymore. Therefore, by donating some pieces of clothing items, you can help to relieve the victims' problems.

2. Donate the basic needs for the daily life

To sustain their lives, hurricane victims still need to continue to have the basic necessities of life. Among the things they need every day, we can cite a hairbrush or combs, and soap for the daily washing. They may also need to have hangers and clothes pegs for the laundry. To store their goods, it is even needed to donate plastic bags and any other necessary utilities.

3. Donate food

Every year, hurricanes can make up to hundreds or thousands of victims. As a result, a lot of food aid is needed to ensure their survival. For example, you can give some oil and some rice; it is also a good idea to give some beans and other vegetables.

4. Give blood

Some victims of hurricane may have been wounded during the disaster. It is possible that some of them have lost much blood due to their injuries. Therefore, it is necessary to give blood to help the victims survive. Listen to radio announcements or read the newspaper for any news related to the need for blood donations. Then, go to the blood bank to donate your blood.

5. Donate medications

Due to the property loss and possible human loss after a hurricane, victims have to spend a lot of money to deal with the issue. Thus, they may not be able to cover all their medical expenses. It is, therefore, a good idea to bring your contributions and give medications to the victims of hurricane.

6. Donate to the Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is involved in the humanitarian support for hurricane victims. This organization was founded when hurricane Harvey severely damaged the country. You can make donations through this foundation.

7. Give peace education to the victims

Help the hurricane victims cope with the natural disaster by providing them with peace education. This could be done through regular group talks, which aim at imparting people with their inner strengths, the way to attain inner peace.

8. Mobilize youth contributions

Providing relief and support for the thousands of hurricane victims is a hard task. This implies, many volunteers need to be hired in the distribution of the disaster relief from peace activists and humanitarian organizations. It is necessary to mobilize the young people to bring their support in the distribution of the aid for the victims.

9. Provide a shelter

Hurricanes lead to material losses because people's homes are destroyed by the violent storms. If the victims' homes are damaged, they need a shelter to live in. Thus, it is essential to help in the provision of shelters to natural disaster-stricken victims.

10. Donate money through a foundation

It is best to donate financial donations through an existing organization if you want to bring your share to the protection of hurricane victims. You can, for example, do so through the Prem Rawat Foundation.